Renewable Heating and Cooling for a £200M Regent’s Park property development

Cambridge Terrace is a row of consecutive terraced mansions overlooking Regent’s Park, London. The terrace was designed by John Nash, and completed in 1825, and now seven of the terraced properties are being refurbished into a single dwelling – the largest residence in London after Buckingham Palace.

TFGI have completed the provision of a closed loop geothermal system comprising drilling of eight 160m deep boreholes, carrying out a thermal response test (TRT), analysis of ground thermal properties and routing the borehole field back to the property plant room.

The Interseasonal Heat Transfer will provide renewable heating and cooling. The terrace will be cooled in summer by transferring surplus heat down to the ground and recycled back to the building as required in the winter.

The heating and cooling installation at Cambridge Terrace will emit no gases into the atmosphere and will play its part in improving the Air Quality in London.